Some say that John Milton read everything there was to read in the world (that is, all books published in English). 

We have no hope of accomplishing the same feat today, which is why book recommendations are so helpful. Here are some of my faves—and I hope you’ll share some of yours with me!


Books about writing, language, and words:

Dreyer’s English by Benjamin Dreyer

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott

On Writing by Stephen King

Notes from a Public Typewriter by Michael Gustafson

The F Word by Jesse Sheidlower

The Subversive Copy Editor by Carol Fisher Saller

Fucking Apostrophes by Simon Griffin

Write Right! by Jan Venolia

Chicago Manual of Style by University of Chicago Press

Books about entrepreneurship, sanity, and real life:

Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey

You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

Profit First: Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine by Mike Michalowicz

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life by Mark Manson

The Year of Less: How I Stopped Shopping, Gave Away My Belongings, and Discovered Life is Worth More Than Anything You Can Buy in a Store by Cait Flanders

In Praise of Slowness: Challenging the Cult of Speed by Carl Honoré

Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach

The Dude and the Zen Master by Jeff Bridges and Bernie Glassman

The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well by Meik Wiking

Books about dystopian futures, dream worlds, and fictional characters:

The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Paper Girls by Brian Vaughan

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Of Love and Other Demons by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf

The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo