4 Sites to Help Diversify the Sources You Rely On

book-books-bookshelf-159621.jpgDo you wish you had more diverse sources to reference in your writing? Sometimes when I’m working on a piece, I realize that I’m using the same types of resources and citations over and over again.

When thinking of promoting diversity, paying attention to whose work you’re referencing and whose voice you’re quoting is an important piece of the puzzle.

That’s why I was so excited to learn the existence of the brilliantly named Women Also Know Stuff page . . . and then shortly thereafter, Women Also Know History, People of Color Also Know Stuff, and Sourcelist.

These sites all provide searchable databases of women, minorities, and other underrepresented populations who are experts in their fields. Need a scholar who studies the American presidency and executive politics? Here are 57 women located in the United States, sorted by state, with links to their own respective websites.

Search by field or location or experience level. See content areas and read short bios and find contact information. Be encouraged by the number and diversity of voices out there who want to talk to you about what they know.

Don’t just quote the most readily available content or the voices you tend to hear the most often.

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